Saumur brut fines bulles

DateSamedi 02/09/2017
Departure point13 rue du Porteau
49400 Saint Hilaire Saint Florent
49 - Maine et Loire
coordinates[latitude] - [longitude]
Appellation involvedSaumur brut fines bulles
Distance6 km

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    Departures every 20 minutes.

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    please come 15 minutes before.

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A dazzling sparkler...

From Saint-Hialire-Saint-Florent, a village associated to Saumur, classified arts and history city, on the left riverside of Thouet, this Vignes Vins Randos trail takes us through the heart of the saumur brut fines bulles appellation, through its vineyardscellarshistoric monuments and breath-taking panoramic views. Come to discover the history of this emblematic appellation in Loire Valley and elaboration secrets of this bright and festive wines!


Start your trail from vineyard of domain de Langlois-château, a “cave touristique d’excellence” which enjoy an international influence and recognized image.
Look up to gorgeous panoramic view on the hillside of Loire. Then, you arrive at the water sport center and participate to “the game of the mystery vintage wine” and try to win a special vintage bottle!

Continue your walk on the “Cellars street” and you arrive at the second stop at la “cave touristique d’excellence”: Ackerman, the first Loire Valley wine house!

 Then, your trail leads you to Langlois-château and Veuve Amiot, two other famous “cave touristiques d’excellence”. And follow explanations about traditional method of production.

Besides, go to taste a wine and its appetizers at Bouvet Ladubay, a “cave touristique d’excellence”
5.      Cross church’s gardens toward le Clos Elizabeth for a tasting in front of a splendid view on the Loire and surrounding areas. 6.      Let yourself be guided by a winemaker to reach a stunning view on Saumur castle, classified World heritage of humanity by UNESCO! Immortalize this moment with a beautiful picture!  

Back to the VVR village, you will be warmly welcomed by the team. You can buy wines and local products tasted during the walk. With a panoramic view on the vineyard, you have the possibility to buy fouées (a traditional meal of the region) or bring your own picnic!
A music group and wooden games offer a convivial and festive atmosphere.

It’s the perfect moment to blow the VVR ‘s fifteen candles in a friendly and festive atmosphere! Complete your quiz and try to win one of numerous gifts! 

Picnics are allowed

Solo trail:
 You want to do a VVR trail but your friends are not big fans of walks in the vines? VVR have thought about you and offers you the possibility to share a walk between "solos", always accompanied by a wine-maker. Departure at 11:20 am. Subscribe you on 11h15-11h45 timeslot.

English trail
: we propose you an english spoken trail. Subscribe you on 1:15 & 1:45 pm timeslot.
Not suitable for pushchairs

For restauration, have a look at :
Bistrot de la Place : 02 41 51 13 27
Le pot de lapin : 02 41 67 12 86
La Table des Fouées : 02 41 38 62 87
L'auberge de la route d'or : 02 47 95 19 01
L'Alcôve - Domaine de Roiffé : 05 49 22 48 17 
Restaurant De La Maison De Pays : 05 49 98 26 57 
For the night, we selected for you those places :
Camping Huttopia Saumur : 02 41 67 95 34
Le clos du Rucher : 02 41 52 35 89
Ami Chenin : 02 41 38 13 17
Le Lamartine : 02 41 50 92 63
Les Loges de Vignes : 02 41 52 21 78
Château de Chaintres : 02 41 52 90 54
Gîte du vigneron :
Domaine de Joreau :
Hostellerie la Croix Blanche : 02 41 51 71 11
Château de Verrières : 02 41 38 05 15
Le Parc : 02 41 67 17 18
Les Terrasses de Saumur : 02 41 67 28 48