Coteaux-du-layon-1er-cru-chaume et quarts-de-chaume-grand-cru

DateSamedi 02/09/2017
Departure pointLieu-dit de Chaume
49 190 Rochefort-sur-Loire
49 - Maine et Loire
coordinates[latitude] - [longitude]
Appellation involvedCoteaux-du-layon-1er-cru-chaume et quarts-de-chaume-grand-cru
Distanceparcours classique 8 km>-< parcours famille 4 km
Durationparcours classique 3h00 >-< parcours famille 1h30

Hike(s) - Départures : 

  • Classical itinerary
    entre 8h45 & 9h15
    entre 9h15 & 9h45
    entre 9h45 & 10h15
    entre 10h15 & 10h45
    entre 10h45 & 11h15
    entre 11h15 & 11h45
    entre 11h45 & 12h15
    entre 12h15 & 12h45
    entre 13h30 & 14h
    entre 14h & 14h30
    entre 14h30 & 15h
    entre 15h & 15h30

  • family itinerary
    entre 10h15 & 10h45
    entre 11h15 & 11h45
    entre 14h & 14h30
    please come 15 minutes before.

Language(s) Spoken :

Quarts-de-chaume-grand-cru is the product of an outstanding terroir; its breadth and elegance make it one of the finest sweet wines. Coteaux-du-layon-1er-cru-chaume is also from a magnificent terroir, and the product of time-honoured, traditional exp

Guided by a winemaker, discover the greatest terroirs of Anjou, at few kilometers from Angers! The hillside refreshed by the mists of the Layon river that give beautiful wine with aromas of fruit and honey. Vignes Vins Randos offers you a “Walk of crus”.

  1. Begin your trail with an endlessly landscape of vines. You arrive at your first stop at Le château de la Guimonière and enjoy a wine tasting.
  2. Continue your trail toward your second stop at the Château de Suronde. This break is a perfect moment to learn about terroirs of the area.
  3. Then, your guide leads you to Les Onnis where you taste a vintage wine carefully selected by winemakers specially for the event. Enjoy also a fantastic view of the valley.
Back at the village VVR, you will be warmly welcomed by all the VVR team. Enjoy a picnic or other refreshments, children’s entertainment and live music. You can also buy wines tasted during your walk.
It’s the perfect moment to blow the VVR ‘s fifteen candles in a friendly and festive atmosphere! Complete your quiz and try to win one of numerous gifts! 

Picnic space available.

The Family Trail
: It’s a 4km trail with stop 1 and 3 and adapted for children. Departures at 10:30 am, 11:30 am and 2:30 pm. Subscribe you on 10:15 &10:45 am, 11:15& 11:45 am or 2:30&3 pm time slots.
No pushchairs.