Coteaux d'ancenis

DateSamedi 02/09/2017
Departure pointL'angle
44470 Carquefou
44 - Loire Atlantique
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Appellation involvedCoteaux d'ancenis
DistanceParcours classique : 8,6 km
Parcours famille : 2,5 km
DurationParcours classique : 4h
Parcours famille : 1h à 1h30

Hike(s) - Départures : 

  • Classical itinerary
    entre 10h & 10h30
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    entre 11h & 11h30
    entre 13h30 & 14h
    entre 14h & 14h30
    entre 14h30 & 15h
    entre 15h & 15h30
    Departures every 15 minutes.

  • family itinerary
    please come 15 minutes before.

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Coteaux d’Ancenis wines are true gems of the Loire, and are available in all three colours from both sides of the river. They reflect the abundance and diversity of the Anjou and Nantes terroirs.

This year’s VVR Coteaux d’Ancenis trail takes us along the banks of the Erdre, a tributary of the Loire - and just as beautiful. With the vineyards to one side and the river to the other, explore the history of Carquefou; some of its majestic private properties will be open for the occasion.

Itinary :
  1. Leaving from L’Angle in Carquefou, it is only a few hundred metres to the first specially-opened private property - a vast plant nursery and a feast for the senses. The trail then continues along the Erdre, on a path with magnificent views over Château de la Gascherie, a 15th century structure said to have as many windows as there are days in the year.  The first stop is at Port Breton on the banks of the Erdre, where we will sample a coteaux-de-la-loire wine served with smoked Loire mullet on toast.

  2. The trail continues along the banks of the Erdre then through the vineyards, with superb views over Port Jean and its picturesque sailing boats. This could almost be the Atlantic coast! You will have access to Domaine de la Buraudière, specially opened up for this occasion.  The path leading round this splendid manor house takes us back into the vineyards where we will make our second stop. Taste a glass of coteaux-d’ancenis rosé served with local cheese, and enjoy the surrounding landscape with views over the Erdre.

  3. Your walk continues through the countryside to the third and final property opened up specially for us today - Château de la Couronnerie with its grandiose architecture, a mix of Gothic and Renaissance styles, and with unparalleled views of the Erdre. Enjoy a tour of the estate - without ever losing sight of the river! This will be your third stop, where you will sample a coteaux-d’ancenis red paired with a local speciality food. 

  4. The trail ends at Domaine du Port Jean, after a final walk along the vineyard slopes and another chance to enjoy the unusual views of the port.  A coteaux-d’ancenis malvoisie will be available to taste, served with a unique speciality.  

Back at the VVR village you will be warmly welcomed by the VVR team who will direct you to a series of food trucks where refreshments are available to purchase. There will also be a chance to buy some of the foods you sampled today, as well as the walk's wines and a range of other wines made in the coteaux-d’ancenis appellation. Younger walkers will enjoy playing on the giant inflatable, while live music adds to the fun and friendly atmosphere.
Picnic space is available.

In English: Register for the 2-2.30pm trail.

Family Trail:
This slightly shorter 2.5 km trail includes stops 1 and 4.
Accessible to all-terrain pushchairs 

For restauration, have a look at :
Les Terrasses de Bel Air : 02 40 83 02 87
Restaurant du Golf de la Varenne : 02 40 98 13 40
La Port du Moulin : 02 40 83 95 57
La Citadelle : 02 40 83 50 09
La Villa Saint Germain :  02 51 14 10 04
Le 7 de table : 02 51 14 04 14
Restaurant Clémence : 02 40 36 03 18
La Divate : 02 40 54 19 66
La table du pêcheur : 02 85 52 34 41
Le Clos du Cellier : 02 40 25 38 45
For the night, we selected for you those places :
Yourtes et chambres d'hôtes en bord de Loire :
Château de Cop-Choux : 02 40 97 28 52
La maison dans les bois :
Camping du Chêne*** : 02 40 54 12 00
Château Yseron :