Saint nicolas de bourgueil

DateSamedi 02/09/2017
Departure pointSalle de fêtes, rue du clos Caslot
37140 Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil
37 - Indre et Loire
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Appellation involvedSaint nicolas de bourgueil
Distance5 km
Duration2h30 à 3h

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  • Classical itinerary
    entre 13h & 13h30
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    entre 15h30 & 16h
    entre 16h & 16h30
    Departures every 10 minutes.

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Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil is the only Loire appellation wine to be produced within the confines of a single village. Its wines are supple and fruity, with flavours of red berries.

The Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil trail leads through the heart of the vineyards, is 5 km long and suitable for young and old alike. We will walk across hillsides with spectacular views of the vines, and learn more about this appellation through its vineyards, wineries and the delightful wine and food pairings served at each stop.

From the village, you will be directed to a coach taking you to the departure point for today’s walk. During the journey, there will be a short introduction to the appellation and its many attractions. The trail departs from the easternmost limits of the AOC area, from the Pays de Bourgueil’s Visitors’ Wine Centre which houses the appellation’s wine museum.

  1. A walk through the heart of the vineyard brings you to your first stop - the cellars of a local wine-grower.  Taste a selection of Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil rosés served with local speciality ‘pommes et poires tapées’.

  2. Your second stop will take your breath away: a secret cave hollowed out of tuffeau limestone: both imposing and charming, and the perfect conditions for storing wine. Here you will be offered a variety of red wines, all appellation classics, served with rustic-style bread baked specially for the occasion alongside a selection of charcuterie.

  3. Your last stop will be in the midst of the vines, where we will look at some of the newer plantations. You will learn a little more about young vineyards, and about the methods used to protect the plants from frost - vineyard fans are only one example.   Your final tasting will include rather more tannic reds, served with local cheese.

Back to the village now, where the VVR team will be waiting with a warm, friendly welcome. Food trucks will sell a variety of French foods including fouées, a local bread speciality. The wines you sampled during today’s walk will also be available at the producers’ market, along with other local wines; take time to try a very special cuvée made by all the appellation’s producers together.   Wooden toys and games will add to the fun, and live music will complete the party atmosphere.
Picnic site available for those who prefer to bring their own picnic.

Suitable for families and for all-terrain pushchairs.

For restauration, have a look at :
Restaurant Côté Cour : 02 47 45 30 36
L'auberge de la route d'or : 02 47 95 19 01
Au coin des halles : 02 47 96 37 25
For the night, we selected for you those places :
Gîte de la Tour :
Hôtel Val de Loire : 02 47 45 28 29
Hôtel de Biencourt : 02 47 45 20 75
Troglododo : 02 47 45 31 25
Troglodélice :
Le Grand Monarque : 02 47 45 40 08
L'île Bellule :