Vignes Vins Randos 2019 Vignes Vins Randos 2019

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Vignes Vins Randos in Loire Valley, it's 15 tasty walks in the heart of Loire Valley vineyard to browse in family, with friends or solo.

Accompanied by winemakers, come to share their passion and know-how, enjoy magnificent vines' landscapes and the heritage richness of the region classed World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. And, discover colorful wines elaboration secrets.

In a convivial and warmly atmosphere, new knowledges, relaxation and greed are waiting for you for a unique human and sensory experience ! After last year's successful fourteenth edition, winemakers are waiting for you with new tasty and unprecedented walks in the heart of the Loire Valley vineyards.

Vineyard of sweetness of life and delights' lands, The Loire Valley is an ideal setting for young and old to extend holydays and relaxation before back to school !

This year,15 walks are available in the whole Loire Valley: 10 on Saturday, 5 on Sunday. 15 walks, it's as many renowned and prestigious appellations to discover or to rediscover.

Supplied with a "hiker kit" and accompanied by a winemaker willing to share with you his passion and expertise, go for a 3 hours walk punctuated by pauses: tastings of local products and wines, discovery of local heritage and of winemakers' work...

On arrival,the village VVR offers you the possibility to continue your day in a festive and warm atmosphere. Refreshments will be available, as well as local food on some of the appellations.

Wines tasted during your trail will be on sale on a wine's market. Wooden toys and games or inflatable structure will be available for young and young at heart, with live music to add a note of harmony to the party atmosphere. It'll be the perfect place to blow the fifteen's candles of Vignes Vins Randos!

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Many course options are available so everybody can participate:

The family trail, which lasts about 2 hours, suitable for children with grape juice tasting, flora and fauna discovery, games…

On the VVR village, children' s games are available.

The solo trail, which permits to persons whose friends are not big fans of walks in the vines to go on a trail, with other “solo” participants. (Available on the saumur-champigny and saumur-brut fines bulles appellations)

Conviviality, sharing,
joyous and relaxed atmosphere

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Anjou-villages-brissac et coteaux-de-l'aubance

Anjou-villages brissac appellation reds are classic, long-lived wines, ideal for anyone looking for gourmet flavours and the expert ... Lire la suite

Muscadet côtes-de-grandlieu et gros-plant du pays nantais

Situated in a protected landscape area on the shore of one of the largest natural lakes in France, muscadet côtes-de-grandlieu wines are ... Lire la suite


In the heart of bonnezeaux appellation, discover this precious wine. Honey-dew, fragrance of wild flowers: a liquid gold shivers in this ... Lire la suite

Chinon Dimanche

In the heart of a royal land, dominated by the medieval stronghold, Chinon and its surrounding areas offer an exceptional cultural, ... Lire la suite


Made from the best Cabernet Franc grapes, this deliciously fruity wine is one of the great red wines of the Loire. Pure, crisp and ... Lire la suite

Chinon Samedi  

In the heart of a royal land, dominated by the medieval stronghold, Chinon and its surrounding areas offer an exceptional cultural, ... Lire la suite


Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil has the specificity to vinify only one grape variety on only one village! This year, come to discover the ... Lire la suite


Coteaux-d’ancenis wines are true gems of the Loire, and are available in all three colours from both sides of the river. They reflect ... Lire la suite

Haut Poitou AOP - Val de Loire IGP

Haut poitou appellation is located on a wide plateau in the north west of Poitiers. It proposes a structured wines range with powerful ... Lire la suite

Saumur Puy-Notre-Dame

Saumur Puy-Notre-Dame is a very young appellation - born in 2008, which tinges with its well-marked character the vineyards of Saumur. ... Lire la suite


With its outstanding terroir shaped by the Loire and backed by centuries of winemaking expertise, vouvray produces a varied range of ... Lire la suite

Coteaux-du-layon-1er-cru-chaume et quarts-de-chaume-grand-cru

Quarts-de-chaume-grand-cru is the product of an outstanding terroir; its breadth and elegance make it one of the finest sweet wines. ... Lire la suite

Muscadet sèvre-et-maine

The muscadet sèvre-et-maine vineyards at the heart of France's largest white single-varietal winegrowing area epitomise the Nantes ... Lire la suite


Discover the heritage and the range of quality wines from the Touraine Mesland appellation, accompanied by the specialties of the ... Lire la suite

Jasnières et coteaux-du-loir

Enjoy beautiful scenery on your walk, which spans the vineyards and hillsides jasnières and coteaux du loir. The gold of their dress ... Lire la suite

Discovery, good food, heritage.

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We look forward to seeing you on August 31 and September 1, 2019 to live these beautiful moments of sharing and conviviality in the heart of the vineyards. 
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